Short Comic Progress 1

I was going to draw the short comic with a rough plot in mind, in an early "Marvel Method" sort of way... but that wasn't getting me anywhere.  So I took the time and wrote a script for the 9-page comic.  Now to edit.

Long Story, Short Story

I'm new to this whole blogging thing and I promised to use it as a means to stay on task and... I immediately got off task after updating my website and writing the second post.

That said, I've picked a story to tell in comic form.  Something fun and Silver Age-y.  In plotting out the story, I found that it was easy to get off track and expand the story well beyond the bounds of a single, self contained story.  Let's say 30 pages? Don't hold me to that.  The ideas keep coming, making the whole story interesting to dream up, but daunting in terms of actually illustrating the book.

What I need is a smaller, more manageable story to tell.  I have outlined a 9-page prequel of sorts for my story to introduce a few basic concepts.  I'll check in at the end of the week with an update...

The Start of a New Decade

I turned 40 yesterday.  The start of a new decade should come with the start of something new.

I will be using this blog to is keep me on task in creating a comic book.  A comic book written and illustrated by me.

I have shared a lot of art over the years and created much more.  I have done a good deal of commissioned work, from game concept art to character pinups and complete comics.  I've collaborated on character designs and comics.  This is all well and good, but I really want to get my own ideas and creations out into the world.

I have often said that “I want to make my own comic” or that "I'm working on a comic," and that is true... but following through on that pronouncement has been difficult.  Between work, family and constantly taking on commissions, I have left little time to pursue my own work in any sort of focused manner.

The majority of my un-shared art, and a number of pieces I have shared, have all been in the pursuit of creating my own book.  Heroes & villains.  Gods & monsters.  Locations.  Technologies.  Plots.  Twists.  Stories.

I plan on using this space to keep on task and bring an idea to completion.  Even if no one reads it, it will be nice to have a place to report my progress and archive my thoughts on this process.